Seventh 5 STAR review for ‘LISTEN TO THE HEARTBEAT’

Another five star review for ‘Listen To The Heartbeat’! Yay! Six on Barnes and Noble, six on Amazon, when I count them all without taking into account those that double up, there’s seven 5 STAR altogether. Here’s what the latest one has to say (I really have to brag about it đŸ™‚

A good romance read needs conflict and Ms. Soare provides this throughout the book. The book is a modern day taming of the shrew. In her debut novel Liliana Soare captures the immature seventeen year old and her superficial manner to the point a reader will feel frustration and a desire to shake her and say “Wake up and smell the coffee Lucy Whitefield!”
 As the story unfolds, Lucy does grow, evolve and discovers love. The male protagonist Andrew Langston has a curious past and interesting present with Lucy, and love finds a way.
 Listen To Your Heartbeat is set in various parts of the United States in the world of extreme wealth; presented in a Dynasty style that romance readers love, full of twists and turns as the story unfolds.
 Romance lovers grab the Champagne and the chocolate covered strawberries and enjoy. (By Maria Catalina Egan “M.C.V. Egan”)

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