Creaky Floors, Fast Food, and the Half-Bald Writer

Just been told by my sweet editor Jennifer Murphy that a blog I wrote for Calliope is now featured at, dated Sunday December 2nd. If you wish to have a look, you’ll get an insight into my innate ability to ramble about my writing beginnings, fast food and other stuff that crossed my mind when I wrote it. The blog is called, btw, ‘Creaky Floors, Fast Food, and the Half-Bald Writer’
  1. Hi Liliana! Hope all is flowing smoothly. Loved the post -just popped over to the link & had a read through. Very interesting & amusing. I love discovering what makes other writers ‘tick.’ We are such a diverse bunch, are we not? Whatever the reasons for writing and however we manage to do it, it’s just great that we do and how fortunate we are to do so. Lots of best wishes,


    • My best wishes to you, Suzy ❤
      Novel publication has been delayed until January 18th next year.I was a bit sad, but it seems that it's a firm date, and i can only hope it's worth the wait.

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