A new beginning

A couple of years back when I first started writing I never dreamt that I would ever get published. Here I am, dreams coming true! Two of my novels were contracted by Musa Publishing and are soon due for release in electronic format. ‘Listen to the heartbeat’ and ‘Why do birds fly’ are both romance novels set in the ‘ultra-rich’ world. But I couldn’t just write about Prince Charming coming on a white horse to rescue the demoiselle in distress. So I ended up writing a hodgepodge of romance with heaps of twists and turns, comedy, a splash of action, and endings that will make the readers want to strangle me then hopefully decide that I deserve to be brought back from hell with a skillful CPR mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Here is a bit of info about the two novels:

LISTEN TO THE HEARTBEAT (release date December 28th 2012)


Andrew Langston focuses his entire life on taking care of his multi-billion dollar business. Hence his uncontained irritation when he must return a favor to his father and become the legal guardian of orphan Lucy Whitfield, the heiress to her late father’s enormous business empire, until she turns eighteen in five months time. But all his discontent melts away when he meets his beautiful pupil and decides he wants her. Not even the fact that Lucy is madly in love with Peter Randall, a business tycoon who returns her affection with just as much adoration will stop Andrew Langston from attempting to reach his goal. He takes advantage of the provisions of the guardianship agreement to keep the two lovers apart, and relentlessly pursues Lucy, stopping at nothing to win her heart. His efforts, helped by time and a few twists of fate, eventually start turning the wheels until one day Lucy realizes that she’s in love with two men. Only that she couldn’t possibly have two lovers, as much as she’s smitten with both of them. They are so different, but very much the same in one way: they both desperately want Lucy Whitfield and are not willing to back away. Their goals will turn her life upside down when they clash. But while one’s personal interests will endanger her life, the other’s will keep her alive. One of them will ultimately achieve what he wants. But which one?

WHY DO BIRDS FLY  (release date TBA)

At twenty eight, Alex Sanders is a man of strength, polished as a diamond, and just as hard. He manages his multi-billion dollar business with innate ability, and treats his employees with intimidating superiority. But his life is suddenly disrupted when he finds a seventeen and a half year old trying to break into his safe at home in the middle of the night. The story that she feeds him is not credible, and a background check proves that she lies. Convinced that she is after the business secrets that he is holding in his safe, he decides not to free her just yet, to see if she’ll try again to open the safe. He really needs to know who she is working for. Afraid that he might hand her over to the police, she reluctantly accepts his unfathomable hospitality for a while. There is one thing though he didn’t expect to happen: from that moment on the little pixie turns his life upside down. From bold escape attempts to demolishing his property and shocking his household employees, the impertinent, wild hellion creates havoc around her and slowly creeps her way into his heart. By the time he realizes she isn’t going to steal his business secrets, he isn’t ready to let her go anymore. But what is he going to do when he returns home one day and finds her opening his safe?

If you wish to visit my Facebook Author page, here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Liliana-Soare/410221582373202?ref=hl

Also my twitter page: https://twitter.com/liliana_soare

And my other blog page too: http://lilianasoare.blogspot.com.au/

Well, I hope I didn’t forget to tell you important things… I am by nature a forgetful person. But what can I do, I’m only human and prone to imperfections, because God gave me the gift of writing (I believe) so he must have taken a big chunk of me from somewhere else.

Until my next post, my warmest regards to everyone!

  1. suzy39 said:

    Hi Liliana -love your new site. You’ve been extremely busy. I must confess that I find it difficult keeping up with everything as well as writing. It often feels non stop. Then the guilt sets in for not devoting enough time to this or for your family, and so it goes on. Great to read about your 2 novels -thank you. I’m so pleased for you and that you have a publisher-fantastic. It’s amazing you only really began a couple of years ago -I began 18 months ago so we have more than writing in common. I look forward to keeping in touch & reading your posts. Have a great weekend. Hope you get some ‘you’ time.

  2. Tracy Leavell said:

    Hi lilana i love your site and i hope we’ll become good friends..

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